The user experience in God’s eyes is so simple


user experience is a form of network marketing, e-commerce industry, SEO industry of these platforms to retain a commonplace talk of an old scholar, more users will need to test, improve and perfect user experience every day. So, what kind of user experience is reasonable,


I tell you a thing I experienced today! Today I and sister go to a cold store to buy ice cream, we report two is a cone and a cup of iced lemon juice, the two add up to a total of eight yuan. Then the clerk thought we ordered two cones and a glass of lemon juice with ice. So we charged ten dollars, and then we took our papers and left.

here, we may think over this matter, since the customer is not what is not said, the shop will not say what, but it is entirely in accordance with the opposite direction, the clerk ran dozens of meters to catch up with us, the two pieces of money overcharged to us immediately. My heart is warm. May we all think this is just a small thing, but in my concept is a great thing, this is all said user experience, the user experience is not to rely on God to speak out, but to do it with practical action.

user experience is from the life of little drops accumulated, it is time to go to a restaurant, the dining room table wipe clean the rest; it is time to go to a cafe to drink coffee, coffee hall sounded beautiful music enjoyable; it is to buy a house, the sales ladies give you real introduction to the house worry. And so on, all of these, bit by bit touched every user, so that every user can feel our intentions. In fact, our God demands are not very high, they just want to let their money to buy, every thing is valuable, want to let oneself have no worries.

Internet users and real users have the same mentality, but the network services are not face-to-face communication, but through some platforms or tools to communicate with users. Therefore, in order to achieve a good user experience through the network, we must do the following:

first, user experience = own experience

we provide website construction and network marketing outsourcing services for customers, our technology for customers in the site each time, when the website renderings, I will ask our design staff, you own design renderings look comfortable? If you do not want to see one eye, you have why force the customer to see you grungedesign? When the website design, you look very uncomfortable, very satisfied, that you let your customers to see, and then slightly modified can achieve satisfactory results.

second, service = carefulness + patience + intention

, I feel the most about myself. Because when we do Internet marketing outsourcing services for clients, we will send some information to our customers on the classified information platform, and I >

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