Pick the bottom pressure talk about those interesting social and community products

introduction: today, share some of the social and community products that make me so bright.


has been talking about social apps these days, whether it’s users, products, peers, or VC, that’s a bit of an aesthetic fatigue… But the interesting thing about it is that large and whole social products seem to have its ceiling and life cycle, and new products often find their own living space. Platform level company not only difficult to a winner, occasionally himself playing bad, should be the phrase "all social platform, all from the about guns, Xing in the loading force, the curse, was destroyed by purchasing" die on the beach before.

today let me share a few social and community products themselves, Twitter and Instagram of the hall products will not repeat, like Tinder, Path, Dribbble, Tumblr, circle of friends, unfamiliar street, watercress, known also has talked quite thorough, leaving less general and products pick the bottom pressure with you said, time is limited, only bright spot, do not talk about a problem.


to match the core functionality of the Tinder class strangers social applications, in addition to brush face brush interest, what is the game,



Worthy the social application made in Hongkong, the traditional wooden products dating Q & a play out of new ideas, hoping to become the user when strangers friends, need 3 questions by users prior test, confirm each other congenial to become friends. The first time I used the experience is amazing, because a higher proportion of Hong Kong and Taiwan users, but also on the above understanding of a very speculative friends of Taiwan. (P.S. for Hongkong compatriots is quite depressed, Ali had sent to visit the Worthy team to discuss cooperation, after 2 months under the "from" software released a very similar function.


Yik Yak

"local American students anonymous BBS"? This is not too hot, tired of playing for Facebook and Instagram of American college students, Yik Yak is a new toy as "cool" and "hot", look at their Loading effect, community guidelines and campus promotion tour, you know and the yak is the bones.


" Are, you, allowed, to, on, your, computer, at, Starbucks, if, it’s, not, a, Mac, be, " – Charleston

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