Reflections and experiences on the opening of local portals

was the first to introduce myself, I am an old web access to the Internet for more than 10 years, and access to the Internet site also has eight or nine years of history, from the beginning to now and do not know how many sites, including the person or someone else to do, I can’t even remember, so hard on the Internet for many years, now work in a private network in the company operation supervisor and technical director. Today, what I want to discuss is the construction of the local portal and some ideas and ideas. Actually, as a local gateway website, I have been doing it since 2005. When do we local small town, it is also not an official do it, is to do the work in the fun, I remember that time didn’t do what website optimization and promotion, find a program change directly after launch, but because of work to the end are nothing.

well, we get. It’s been a long time since we started our local portal again. Because the Internet is now developing so rapidly, after the local portal is a very good project, although our hometown is a town, but in recent years the development of the Internet is also very fast, just local has not had a decent local website. I often see some Adsense nets in the A5 and do some articles, local portal brothers hair of every hue is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. But on the whole, everyone’s ideas are basically the same.

Domain name selection for

1 and local portals. I personally do local portal website domain name must be local users can easily remember, recommend the use of COM, such as domain name may I choose not our local people do not understand, this is the 038200 post encoding in our county, I choose domain name before the investigation, I asked many villagers asked they know our county zip code they know, so as to achieve a good effect. Of course, if you can buy the four digit domain name of the local telephone area code, that’s better.

2, it’s important to choose a good portal program. After I choose the domain name, including A5 and I stand stationmaster net for a number of days without a suitable for the local portal source code in the source code, and finally a local portal friend recommended I use the 163K portal program, I think many owners know this procedure. I reviewed his program for more than a month, asked a lot of his customers, and finally made up his mind and decided to buy one. Although the price is on the high side. But I think thousands of dollars to buy a program will save you a lot of trouble, and this program is. Net prepared, pseudo static HTML, so included is also very good. So I suggest you do not seek cheap Oh.

3, website optimization. First of all, build a good website and don’t worry about it. Remember, the content is the most important. First of all, to improve the content and information of the website. This will attract more local netizens to join. My method is to improve the content, then in Sina blog and Baidu Post Bar hair >

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