The nternet changed the way Grassroots focus


Discuz was bought by Tencent, personal webmaster Xiao Li and friends discussed the matter, and Dai Zhikang, founder of Discuz, is attending a conference on the Internet in North Third Ring road. Dai Zhikang is a casual dress, shorts, slippers and iconic blue T-shirt, casual Sunglasses with a fling, leisurely.


was founded by Dai Zhikang Comsenz acquisition of Tencent, is a grassroots Internet event

is different after being bought by a big company." Xiao Li said, he used Discuz site has been five or six years, in recent months, Discuz has done a lot of product optimization, acquisitions are still anecdotal rumors, changes in the product, he felt.

The acquisition of

in their group is the latest hot topic of discussion. Occasionally they teased each other: "do you want to sell your website to Tencent or Baidu? If they had been so funny before, they were just joking, and now there are a lot of people working in that direction secretly.". Unknown to the public, the mainstream of the Internet grassroots Internet was difficult to enter the emerge of itself and perish of itself becomes less distant, Dai Zhikang only 2 hours of negotiations to get "the penguins" ship tickets.

"being bought definitely isn’t for survival."." Dai Zhikang responded, Kang Sheng last year income 60 million yuan, in the first half of this year income 40 million yuan, did not make any big money, to this 200 people’s company, also calculate survival worry. But Dai Zhikang admitted that making money was too hard, after the acquisition, there is no pressure on earnings, you can make the product better.

not only Tencent, 2010, almost all big companies are throwing olive branch to the grassroots internet. At the same time, grassroots Internet start-ups also showed an outbreak. Beijing, hosted by Discuz at the fifth Internet Adsense conference, more than 2500 webmaster rushed to the Great Wall hotel in Beijing, like a jubilant feast. The venue was so crowded that the hotel had to send a large number of security personnel to maintain order, even if the invitations were strictly controlled until all guests were allowed to enter freely. It was three in the afternoon, and many people were standing outside the hotel until eight a.m..

is the Internet elite criticism, these entrepreneurs in reality are not what a place to live in, not on the Internet all day dreaming, like a carnival in general business, is to rely on pirated and pornographic content to attract some traffic, and traffic to get some money from advertising alliance.

but the Internet elite may not know, they say the grassroots is the past tense, a new generation of grassroots Internet entrepreneurs have changed the way of living. Those two or three line cities, those big companies tentacles can not reach the field, has long been the most profitable area of the internet. Grassroots entrepreneurs will use the example of the side to refute, who himself made a small site, a year can earn hundreds of thousands, even if they are busy making money, there is no room for rebuttal.

two or three line or even four line city >

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