Personal station change business station is not myth want to see yourself

was incorporated, hao123 see the starting point is also home to count the money to play, QQ hook, sexting, PW fire, money. So, the studio, SOHO, and then more entrepreneurs. All sorts of strange things, think to do a web site emerge in an endless stream I can lay hundreds of money…. Just a friend sent me an article to say some truth, so put in for everyone to see… For now. Whether personal site or the so-called personal business website, may have some help. (the following is the full text, author unknown)

sites have no value, and commercialization is out of the question. The value of a website, mainly reflected in the following three aspects: 1: size (volume): the website must have a certain scale, including a certain amount of content (page number), or a certain amount of users, the number of problems or a certain amount of


2: originality (quality): "people without me, people have my new, people, new, I am fine" – and others are different, this is a new site of the key,


3: profit (visible profit model): survival, is the primary purpose of the website; website profit, is the premise of survival; third of them is particularly important, in the past, sites are only one-sided pursuit of visits, ignore the most fundamental question of "survival", so too the bubble. How to turn the attention of the eye into value is the biggest challenge for the existing commercial websites. When personal websites are commercialized, it is unavoidable to face the severe test.

personal website how to business website transformation first, to clarify the difference between personal websites and commercial websites, fully prepared: content: in the full Copy& Paste Internet, personal website without thinking too much of the problem of copyright, and commercial web sites are located at about


Technology: commercial websites need more technical support, system maintenance and program; the team: commercial websites need a more comprehensive combination of personnel: Leadership + Management + financial + technology + Design + editor + market, rather than as a personal website by the single-handed personal heroism;

Management: efficient, standardized, commercial website is necessary management model, small workshop type of loose management model will only lead to failure;


shares: This is often a bane of transformation of personal website to commercial websites, often with the part is for the distribution of shares; personal website is more ideal and satisfaction by promoting, and thus will not have a conflict of interest; the capital: most of the above, such as solving the copyright problem, technology hire personnel of higher level and production staff, marketing, all need to have enough financial backing.

is no longer like a personal website that Xiaodaxiaonao then changed to not essential; to develop the business plan:

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