Why aren’t SNS websites doing well

today and an e-commerce website friend chat, he talked about the future development direction of the company, want to do "+SNS e-commerce" mode, ask my views, we also talked about some scattered SNS website marketing view. So there is the following dialogue:

friend: do you think we can do SNS now? I want to integrate our e-commerce and combine e-commerce with application and SNS. Just to be a SNS platform and integrate our e-commerce as plug-in,

Shi An: the main function of SNS is to gather popularity. Solve e-commerce first,

friends: specifically, we want to add some small games to the existing e-commerce platform, and also to let users chat functions,

wants to highlight where this is different from the average SNS. But now too many SNS, and the user for a long time, slowly interested in SNS.

stone Ann: now SNS belongs to big investment, low return market, especially the market promotion investment. Because it didn’t solve the profit problem. You can consider working with some SNS sites,

friend: we wanted to cooperate with some SNS websites, but we didn’t implement them. Want to do it yourself.

stone security: you can try adding SNS plug-ins, but you can’t expect it to be too high. In fact, SNS can be regarded as one of the means of publicity and promotion for you. Personally, I tend to cooperate with SNS rather than myself.

friend: if collaboration with SNS is limited to plugins, it doesn’t make sense. SNS also has the problem that users tend to run away. What do you think? Because a lot of people aren’t happy anymore. I think SNS is also easy to drain users, and it’s not easy to retain users,

stone Ann: Yes, happy net is also a burst of heat, colleagues around last year for some time to play, and now basically do not play. For SNS sites like Kaixin, it’s hard to develop a more viscous application.

friend: so how do you keep old users,


Shi: in addition to the fun, we have a virtual currency, and as a cash value qq COINS. If you rank high in the site, permissions are large, virtual coins are also many, such users are not willing to give up casually.

Shi An: that’s one thing. On the other hand, there are many emotions in it, such as you make good friends in it, you can often participate in the friends, offline gatherings and so on.

friend: so, plugins aren’t the key to SNS. Emotional factors are more important,

stone security: those can only solve the initial pull user function. Another point is the size effect, such as leisure class SNS, others come to fun, and two is lively, popular. If the size of the small, people feel cold and cheerless, will leave. Like happy nets, start these two points

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