Old master’s Heart Sutra how to design and register a good domain name

as everyone knows, has experienced several waves of the "bull market" Chinese Internet market in various fields have been showing a "saturated" state, especially as the domain name market because there are many old webmaster specializing in domain name investment business has made remarkable achievements, like Cai Wensheng such a legendary master, he light so that the domain name investors will have many gold content is particularly high, can be said to particularly scarce domain resources, so that the new owners to bring a certain degree of difficulty, at least want to register to one of your favorite good domain name was more difficult.

, however, the market situation in the face of this temporarily unable to change, as to create a new web site, or need to register to be able to play an important role in the good name of the site development, so as to allow visitors to the website address to do good, but also make the domain name become another brand website. Therefore, a good domain name can play a considerable role in the development of the website, however, how to register the domain name in the current saturation domain name is the quality that the webmaster should have. Today, I share my experience of domain names, ideas and registration.

1. Several issues that should be avoided in domain name design and registration

in domain name registration, the first thing to consider is should pay attention to several issues to avoid, so as not to feel good after the domain name registration and found good cannot be widely accepted by the user, for the owners concerned such registration is tantamount to doing nothing. So, in our opinion, the idea of domain name registration should be avoided at first. Specifically, such as the use of a long string of numbers is not easy to remember or single letters may have certain significance in the webmaster that this combination may be for me also according to some ideas to memorize for the new website to ordinary users, they first need is a rich website secondly, in the website content, feeling for his help only after thinking down the domain name of the website, then such a combination of long letters or numbers remembered for new users is difficult. In addition, for some related to some famous enterprises especially the IT domain, we must pay special attention to a little, even found a particularly meaningful combination of domain name, then at the time of registration to avoid as far as possible, because this domain as possible lawsuits, disputes and friction with the related Internet Co more opportunities this is the webmaster, should be avoided.

two, several common methods of domain name construction and registration

A. combination of English letters and numbers

For many

sites, the use of the name of the web site or related English words, or use pinyin or relatively saturated domain market tends to make these simple English or Pinyin domain name has been basically saturated, it is difficult to register. At this point, the need to consider is to select a good English or Pinyin spelling, and then combined with numbers to combine into a new domain name, such a domain name is one of the advantages of English or spelling

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