Personal analysis 114 site navigation open source free download reasons

As everyone knows about the webmaster

114 site navigation source now available for free download, which intends to do the site navigation station seems to have expressed a feverish mood, finally do not go online crazy looking program that imitation 114’s, can finally get free, formal, complete and safe procedure to build a reputation as great site navigation station. Concerned about the site of the 114 copy of the copyright site, navigation station owners finally breathed a sigh of relief, the authorities have been high-profile permission for your copy. This is the surface and some kind of actually see to the stationmaster beneficial news.

however, I have a point of view is for to spend so much energy, manpower and financial development program, why so easily give to you? And a navigation station, is to add a rival, as the saying goes "peer is the enemy, perhaps we think 114 not to as your competitors, they see the opponent only hao123, only 265, only 2345 of, some of the more well-known navigation station, so why bother yourself? In fact it, there is a saying that good, we have been imitated, but never surpassed, in fact, encourage others to imitate their embodiment, a self value is a successful embodiment. Being imitated is also a means of improving self – fame and self – worth. In this example, the program is far less than the cost of advertising is much smaller in the site, and more effective, not to let others pay attention to you, but you hype, others take the initiative to pay attention to you, you this speculation, open source free download, actually is a kind of investment, advertising, benefit publicity, investment, so as to enhance their prestige, promote their brands, to the webmaster, the heart of the internet. Even if it does not open, so people do not have in-depth imitate segments to reap the benefits, as their own free dedication to you, also got a good, so for those who are or have been put deep people imitate a heavy blow, hit those who borrowed their fame to hunfanchi jobs of their own! Of course, recently a small team also opened a navigation station:, a program is not 114 imitation, but imitation of other sites. Ha-ha。

is also a key propaganda target for his search, the new on-line search to recent poor results, more cooperative search station, give your own search brought promotion. Of course, it’s download site – download it also led to some famous, it is N to get one, but in the end whether to achieve the desired effect, but also has not yet been determined, it depends on whether the program is the establishment and promotion of the webmaster.

finally, still need to thank 114 of the free open source program dedication, can let webmaster friends get real benefits. Willing to give up, have to give up. webmaster service network original article, reprinted please note copyright links and sources

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