To Baidu only included a page more than March webmaster friends

wrote in front of the words: webmaster nets starting

I have four sites, from mid December 2007 until the four month total brought me a knife of not less than 1500 of income, not what station, are only hundreds of thousands of pages, and are manually input data. A sense of self is’ normal station ‘. Therefore, to see, to see a lot of friends. The station is Baidu K, will be right down, I was always very calm. Trash well. This is sooner or later [that means that my station all is normal station to].

let me unexpected is 07 years from the beginning of December, the most proud of a station to start with each update Baidu seriously off the page. Until the page so far. Then second, third to 08 years. Mid month. Four I have been under house arrest since Baidu! [all only one this is my home. Unexpected things. My anger is as can be imagined. Why Baidu even ‘normal station’ too? How could you do this?


pain is understandable, but I can’t just passively wait. Baidu has a problem he will gradually improve. And if his problem is so unencumbered by the absolutely not me. I began to find from their own problems:

this incident has a few things in common:

1: the four stations are all built by myself, and all of them fall to one page in a short time. Baidu doesn’t know my station well. It shows that my website has problems,.

two: all manual data entry [Edit] is carefully, therefore, the content is completely impossible Baidu said repeated thousands of times. But also often write something truly original. But why refuse such content included in Baidu? It seems that this is the key problem of.

three: several templates are from my hand, no repeated use. Although I am not what SEO master, but time in the production of all the use of an optimization technique. That is simple: to control index position of Baidu snapshot. I do, whether it is the home page, column page, or the page content this is almost the ultimate reason. I just can bring a few hundreds of data flow of W..

may also be the reason I today of the station under house arrest

four: almost everything is a reference to the long tail keywords Baidu search related to expand. And try to make key words as uniform as possible, appear naturally in the past. I often published an article, in less than three days, and search the title (the title is Baidu keyword) can reach the first page, even the first position pseudo original strength is great. This shows that Baidu is beyond the scope of tolerance optimization. I refused to included seems normal.

five: I do not attach much importance to the chain, but my content is more ‘unique’, a lot of keywords often run to Baidu’s first page. The higher the exposure rate, easily lead to more >

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