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tool is an essential element of web analytics. But how to choose a satisfactory tool is not so simple. How to choose the right tools according to the needs of your own different websites, which has become the concern of many friends. In the first article of this topic, we discussed the choice of tools for small e-commerce sites. In the second article, we analyzed how medium-sized and large e-commerce sites choose web analytics tools. In the third article, we continue to analyze other tool requirements for large and medium-sized e-commerce sites, as well as website analysis tools for brand advertisers.


Correspondence between

requirements and tools (continued 2)

type two: large and medium-sized e-commerce sites (Continued)

in addition to the requirements mentioned in the second article, there is a very important need for large and medium-sized e-commerce websites — testing. When it comes to testing, you can’t help talking about a common misconception about web analytics.

, a lot of friends or companies consulted with me about their websites, and let me analyze the status of the site and how it works. When I point out the situation in their website, they always ask me, "why does this happen?" I often have 55 open answers to this question. The 50% possibility is that, based on experience, I can explain the reasons behind the website problem, but the other 50% possibility is that only using Google, Analytics, SiteCatalyst or WebTrends can not answer the question for you.


, that’s what Avinash says. Narrow web analytics tools are tools to help find What, the tools that help uncover problems on the web, but it’s hard to help us pinpoint the reasons behind the problem. The object of the web analytics tool is human behavior. After seeing human behavior, you can discover the difference between visitor behavior and web site design expectations. It is these differences that make us what we need to solve or need to explain. Finding the problem (What) is the so called Web Analytics 1 stage, which explains why the problem is behind (that is, Why), and that is the 2 phase of the Web Analytics. Human nature does not want to see only the surface of things, but also to know what is behind it.

so we need to introduce some new tools to solve the trouble of one 50% after 55. These tools are valuable not only to large and medium-sized e-commerce sites, but also to all websites. But large and medium-sized e-commerce websites are more worth using because the resulting effect directly brings money.

has a lot of tools to help us understand Why, and I’ve mentioned many of the previous articles, such as survey

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