nventory of the reasons for the failure of entrepreneurship

if you have a plan to start a business, or if you are already in the business, you need to be prepared for the challenge. But failure is not terrible, terrible is that you can not understand the reasons for your failure. The following are the main reasons for the failure of the business:

A: the importance of income despise customer

the income too seriously is one of the important reasons for the failure. When starting a business, do not look too heavy income, but can not ignore the customer. Of course, the author is not abetting entrepreneurs do not pay attention to income, but relative to customer resources, making money is easier, because as long as there is a customer, the company always have the opportunity to achieve profitability.

is too small

either creative or products that are in need of greater pattern, so in the beginning of entrepreneurship, it might be thought to expand the scope of.



product release is too slow

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