Young entrepreneurs will become the main force of rural construction

no matter when, youth is always the backbone of the country’s development and construction, in the field of entrepreneurship is also true. To guide the future development direction of young entrepreneurs, we can grasp the economic development of the ship’s rudder.

2 11, lunar new year, zhouweishuji Zhang Zheng continues to lead the research group deep into Huilong town Xingren County gold Tamura, and return home new year young migrant workers exchange their employment and entrepreneurship, home building understanding and feeling. Zhang Zheng proposed to achieve the synchronous well-off, the key is to solve the problem of good who rely on, the majority of migrant workers should give full play to the role of youth entrepreneurship in the heart of the homeland, and love of their homeland, lead folks, self-reliance, new rural multiplication, with industrious hands the construction of industrial projects doubled, talent doubling, revenue doubled create a new life, happy.

"all in your village outside the business of young workers, since the door is mainly about you? How many years?" Zhang Zheng said.

"completely different, because there are great differences between the standard of living."

"teaching is not the same, where high family income, school conditions better than us, teaching quality is also very good. And they play the way is not the same, the new year when they want to travel around, go to different places to contact different horizons."

"concept is different, because we always think of the old new year is home to many kinds of corn, rice, and big city in the old man thought is the Chinese new year to go out to play……" The villagers answered.

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