How to get a quick start up business loans

although there are a lot of people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, however, want to successfully achieve entrepreneurial shop, in fact, still need to have funds as early as possible. However, it is well known that the speed of the loan is very slow, if you want to start a business to get a quick loan, but also need to pay attention to methods. In fact, there are three ways to start a business to get a loan: bank loans, commercial mortgages, guaranteed loans

bank loans

has the ability to operate or have been engaged in production and business activities of individuals, as a result of business or re start the application of capital requirements, approved by the bank after the effective guarantee of a special loan issued. Eligible borrowers, according to personal resources status and ability to repay the maximum single loan of 500 thousand yuan to support; to do poineering work reached a certain size or become the star of the re employment of personnel, also put forward a higher amount of loan application.

venture loans generally 1 years, the longest no more than 3 years. In order to support laid-off workers entrepreneurship, business loan interest rates can also be in accordance with the provisions of the people’s Bank of the same interest rate to fall 20%, many areas laid-off and unemployed workers business loans can also enjoy 60% discount government.

commercial mortgage

at present, many foreign banks for personal loans, as long as the collateral procedures meet the requirements, the bank will not ask the loan purposes. Need to start a business, you can flexibly use personal consumption loans for entrepreneurship. The amount of mortgage loans generally does not exceed 70% of the assessed price, the maximum loan amount of $300 thousand.

if the business needs to purchase the street commercial housing, can be used to purchase house as collateral for commercial housing loans to the bank, the loan amount is generally not more than 60% of assessed value to buy commercial housing, the maximum loan period does not exceed 10 years. Due to business need to purchase a car, truck, bus, car and taxi operation of the borrower, but also for automobile consumption loans, this loan is generally not more than Car Buying paragraph 80%, the longest period of the loan shall not exceed 5 years.

guaranteed loan


if you don’t have certificates of deposit, national debt, and no policy, but your wife or parents have a steady income, then it can also become a good credit resources. The bank has a special liking for the high income situation at present, lawyers, doctors, civil servants, business unit staff and financial industry personnel are listed as the credit loan preferential treatment, these industry professionals only need to find one or two colleagues can guarantee, the ICBC, China Construction Bank and other financial institutions to obtain 100 thousand yuan the loan guarantee.

moreover, this loan does not require any collateral, assessment procedures. If you have such a family, you can handle it in his name

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