Nail shop decoration design how to do

is a good site, if you can not have a suitable decoration, can only be said to be a waste of a good shop. For this reason, now many of the store operators will pay great attention to the decoration of the shop design work. So, manicure shop decoration design work how to do?

nail shop is a good decoration is also an important factor in the guests into the shop to do nails, a delicate and comfortable nail shop can give a warm feeling, but also to make business more prosperous. Nail shop decoration design need to pay attention to what issues?

nail shop decoration room design

for 30–40 square meters Manicure shop, in the decoration of the housing body need to pay attention to try to put a bright and spacious feeling to form a three-dimensional space, to cooperate with each other in the ceiling, wall and floor decoration and material, overall coordination.

1. nail shop decoration in the ceiling of the material selection and height to be based on the specific circumstances of the room, the height should be moderate, patterns and colors to be soft, giving a sense of comfort.

2. nail shop floor tiles, wood flooring and other materials can be used. Patterns can be selected three-dimensional graphics, such as diamonds, diamonds, etc., can also be used to line soft water ripples, etc.. Wooden floors to be painted with the overall color of the environment.

3. Manicure shop wall can use soft packing material or coating, and the color should Manicure shop ceiling and floor coordination, but also to match with the Manicure product showcase, as well as the wall posters, pictures and ornaments show obvious.

two, nail shop window decoration design

nail decoration needs to pay attention to the design of the window, the window is the nail shop delivery products and services information. The design of the window should be based on the location, location and orientation of the shop. In the selection of materials and colors should be distinctive, not too bright. Specifically to attract customers, highlighting the nail shop style for the purpose of.

three, manicure shop decoration design

nail decoration need to pay attention to the design of signs, any one of the shops must sign: shop signs, including column signs, signs, signs and other forms of signs. In the design of the signature to the point of view of the clear, clear, to attract customers for the purpose. Signs on the font, pattern, shape to suit the nail shop business and service content, with a new flavor. Night with lights, the effect will be better.

if you open a nail shop, at the same time for the shop decoration design work do not know how to do, then, with the introduction of the following small series, and now you >

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