The analysis of entrepreneurial rookie wasabi planting prospect

Many of our

kinds of vegetables. One of them is one of the more popular vegetables wasabi, horseradish taste very high nutritional value is also very good is everyone’s favorite dishes, planting wasabi has become many people choose to invest in, if you’re interested in horseradish, just watch the end of the article!

[introduction] varieties of Wasabi also called wasabi, Department of Cruciferae perennial herb. Horseradish growth period is 18 months, the plants are dark green, round petioles pale red or greenish white, long 30-50cm, the total number of leaves was about 62. The rhizome is pale brown terete, length 5-30cm, diameter 2-4cm, the flower is white Bouvardia, indeterminate flowering, rachides shedding traces of tall and big, dark brown pods, seeds. Strong spicy taste, good quality, suitable for sunshine, high temperature conditions.

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