How to prevent exhibitors participating in deception

exhibition industry in recent years in our domestic development speed and scale is a lot of people are obvious to people, at the same time, there are a lot of city in order to further investment, will hold some merchants exhibition in every year activities.

1. verify whether the exhibition organizers have signed a contract with the venue. The general exhibition hall has its own website, after signing the venue rental contract with the organizers, will be published in the exhibition column. Exhibitors received sponsor promotional book, should first check the Internet, whether to undertake the exhibition hall. Note: sometimes in the actual operation will be part of the exhibition has been held in a certain venue, but because of some of the details of the problem, the organizers and the exhibition hall has not been finally settled, resulting in delays in signing the contract. In this case, exhibitors need to consult the venue of the business can be clear.

2. to verify the materials of the exhibition organizers exhibition title is true. Exhibitors can provide the organizers of the exhibition industry and commerce registration certificate, the name of the exhibition is more consistent. In addition, should also be scheduled or consult the party website search venues exhibition venues, exhibition is the same as the contrast.

3. to verify the titular authority. Before the exhibition directly to the nominal state organs or government departments for consultation and verification.

4. as far as possible to choose to participate in the prestigious exhibition in the prestigious exhibition. In recent years, due to the domestic exhibition hall construction boom, the large number of venues. Some new venues under the pressure of competition, reducing the threshold to undertake exhibition. Some small, non-standard exhibitions in order to reduce costs, but also often choose to rent the exhibition hall is very cheap. And some large well-known exhibition hall, in order to maintain the excellent brand established over the years, reduce financial risk, in the exhibition, have set a certain threshold. Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the exhibition, and decide whether to sign the contract. Would rather bear the temporary loss than the poor quality of the exhibition. As China Export Commodities Fair Liuhua in the first half of 2005 decided not nearly 10 such small exhibition.

Common trick:

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