Window display to improve the efficiency of children’s clothing stores

is now the majority of shops are landing glass windows and glass doors, so that customers can see through the window display store goods. Open children’s clothing store is also true. Now the two child policy has been open, the future clothing market will be more prosperous, Xiao Bian today for the people you want to start some children’s clothing shop window display tips, master corresponding skills to attract more consumers.

1, window display in different seasons:

generally, according to the season launch of the new children’s clothing, designers and businesses can be based on one year in four different seasons to wear cloth stores the window display, adjust through different themes, so watch for consumers and vibration in vision, stimulate their desire to buy.

the children’s clothing shop window display method in the props, background and color reflect the seasonal characteristics, such as: spring use peach, green or pink color with balloons, kites, lawn, peach and other props reminiscent of the warm sunshine, gentle breeze blowing and a kite in the sky, for the entire window create a comfortable, warm and soft atmosphere.

2, different holiday window display:

year holiday has many, such as the Spring Festival, Children’s Day, Christmas day, Arbor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese traditional festivals are the window display good theme, this method requires the display color should accord with the performance of the theme culture festival.

such as the Spring Festival to use bright festive red, choose firecrackers, ice bars and other props, Tomatoes on sticks to decorate clothing antithetical couplet stores. Christmas is to use red, green and gold, decorated with ornaments, Christmas tree, snow etc.. The cheerful atmosphere of bright highlight the festive Children’s Day can also use the bright bright, also can heighten the atmosphere at night with all the lights, increase the festival atmosphere theme.

3, gender display window:

school age boys and girls in the aesthetic taste and color preferences have been a great difference, so the children’s clothing store in the different gender of the clothing show can make two different styles.

: boys will love with a tech color space fantasy theme, so the theme of the exhibition layout in boys clothing can use silver, blue, grey, spacecraft, space, moon, star pictures and props; girls are more concerned about the lovely fairy tale theme, so you can use pink, beige, yellow, gold and red balloons, dolls, plush toys and other items out of a fairy tale scene.

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