Postpartum recovery of women a new direction for getting rich

with the increase of Amy, with the mother on the endless pursuit of graceful figure, women postpartum recovery market is unprecedented, Unlimited Business Opportunities, new direction for your rich, gains a new business opportunities for you to create wealth!

China with third times the population birth peak, in 2015 the market is still growing rapidly before. With the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy, many of the second or three tier cities will gradually enter the ranks of developed cities.

one way of cooperation

and infant supplies stores, health food stores, in store consignment products, in exchange for advertising, a consignment fee or commission. However, only the product can be displayed in a prominent position can be used with caution in the form of marketing, customers generally dislike this.

two issues: how to expand customer base

item three: select

propaganda way and place

"postpartum recovery" as a new project need publicity, should be in hospital, the cell door, infant supplies stores, a booth advertising; can also contact the media, in marriage, and infant health column in the form of a special subject and target audiences. Can also use the way of advertising, but must pay attention to where the new mother gathered,


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