The choice of self employment must be psychologically prepared

each entrepreneur in the choice of their own business, you need to do is their own investment, entrepreneurs in the field did not get involved in this field should have a good state of mind, and do a good job of psychological preparation.

individual business owners are different from the general wage earners. In the individual enterprise, you must always be flexible, and the need to continue to make things out of the sale, familiar with the financial turnover, to be able to save, can get along well with people.

is employed by someone else’s company, the salary will be guaranteed; and in the enterprise, even if you have begun to make money, it is not certain when the income. You need to work on financial capital and have to deposit in case the account is overdue.

employed, you can use the stationery without restraint, because you do not need to consider the source of the problem; and in the individual enterprise, you will know how to save money, pay attention to save money, carefully using a variety of equipment, in case of failure. Once a fault occurs, you must be patient and wait for the repairman to repair it. Then you will understand "do not see us alone" the truth, because you are spending their own money.

when you’re an employee, if you don’t think about what to do next, the boss will tell you right away. In the individual enterprise, you must always have a new strategy, must not have the slightest inertia.

before you start your own business, you can see a lot of truth when you compare it with your salary. It’s hard to start a business, you have to work hard, before you have yet to step into this field, please do a good job of psychological preparation, in the individual business what kind of life do you want?

(1) security. At the beginning of entrepreneurship, many people with profound respect and humility. Some people fail because of lack of preparation, money, energy and sensitivity to business. Business is like the bet, bet size due to personal circumstances are different, so in before the bet, must be prepared, especially not too optimistic at the beginning, so if you really lost, can withstand the psychological.

(2) status. At the time of employment, if you have a company car, people always think of you as more important than a person who owns a private car, which has little to do with personal business.

(3) wealth. A lot of people run their own businesses and they make a lot of money, but there are also some people who make a lot of money. In order to live well, you must keep on working. Any quality of life is always behind the hard work.

(4) family. No matter when you are employed or when you start a business, you should be closer to your family. But actually, when you start a business, you don’t recommend

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