Operating a jade shop also need to pay attention to the purchase

almost any kind of business shop, if you want to make the business better operation, actually needs to be related to the purchase work, this will allow more rapid store operations, business development could unpopular. So, operating a jade shop also need to pay attention to the purchase.

The dealership must have a clear understanding of the market trend to open a successful jade

, not only to sellers, to purchase goods, as long as you can be attractive, customers will naturally pay for it. Investors in the jade shop before the opening, it is best to do a good job in preparation for the purchase.

backlog is the biggest risk of operation, so you have to look at the stock market, to understand the urgent needs of people, so that they will not sell at a loss! And the number of goods should not be too much. Jade dealer advantage lies in a relatively short period of time to start visibility. But not Tandaqiuquan, market positioning, but difficult to form their own theme, so it is difficult to have the stable source.

jade stores also need to have a good supply channels, to be able to absorb the continued operation of the store to ensure. The changing trend of jade, fall behind the trend, it means that the jade shop in the fall behind others. Pre sale flattery is not as good as after-sales service, which is the law of the manufacture of permanent customers. A jade dealership’s success or failure, depending on whether the first time to buy a fixed customer prosperity. It depends on whether you have the perfect after-sales service. Take the blame of the customer as the voice of god Buddha, no matter what blame, must accept. " listen to the opinions of the customer " listen and act immediately. It is necessary to do a good job in jade distribution.

jade shop to get a good profit, we must pay attention to the purchase, usually based on the location of the store and the different levels of local consumers to choose to operate into different goods. It is very important for the store to sell jade to meet the needs of the market. If the market does not need the product, it is obviously impossible to sell. These problems are jade shop owners who want to solve.

each store owner for the operation of the store will have a different degree of attention, some people attach importance to quality of service, some people attach importance to product quality. In fact, these will affect the long-term operation of the store, however, if a store wants to get a better operation, in the purchase above will need to invest more energy, so that it can ensure the development of shop business is hot.

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