Suitable for small entrepreneurial projects which

when you don’t have enough money, will you choose to start a business? Estimated because of funding problems will block many people dream of entrepreneurship, in fact is not enough money doesn’t mean you no business opportunities, you can choose a small business, the following Xiaobian introduce you several suitable for small business projects.

small magic toys

2010 Spring Festival Gala Louis Liu magic magic once again watching the audience. I think, in the hearts of all people, how many of the magic have some vision. Back to the subject of ten thousand yuan to do what business is good, what magic toy what kind of business? For example: magic bottle, fantasy screen, clairvoyance, card, magic poker match vacated, do not underestimate these things, not only low cost and high profit, basically a small shop profit in about 3000, so it is well worth the investment business. Condition: rent a facade, hire a clerk, copies of OK


fashionable dress shop

09 a "latent" fire all over the north and south, followed by series of actresses who are also popular cheongsam. Sell fashion cheongsam, a price of around 5000, rent a 25 square meters of shops, looking for a competitive product, operating properly, the monthly net profit of about 10000!

children’s Education Center

like open personality shop, stationery chain stores, shorthand services, car decoration shop, I think these unique small business is very good, if you have a few million, and want to start your own business, do!

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