How to invest big cup tea shop

what kind of amount of milk tea to join the project has the strength, that is, with the strength to prove themselves, in their own efforts to replace the outstanding achievements of the project must be worthy of your trust. Big cup of tea to join the brand is such a worthy of trust worthy of joining the brand. "The big cup" was founded in August 2007, from the original only 20 square meters of the streets of Xiamen tea shop, as of December 2010, has been developed to the eleven provinces (Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Henan, Liaoning, Heilongjiang) a city (Beijing), the country more than 200 stores.

how to invest big cup tea shop


Cup" headquarters located in the Lake District of Xiamen City, wushipu in Cologne two garden villa 189, the company, heritage technology bubble tea Taiwan famous tea family for over 30 years, the main tea raw materials from Taiwan and Vietnam, are counterparts in the quality of raw materials and modulation technology authority. In the same brand, model, with the same raw materials, the same technology, the same price "management mode," big cup "to" large, cheap, good health, as market positioning, to achieve the "development of post mix beverage, deep marketing chain, Huize partners, eager to meet the" business purpose that is a stand the test of the market brand.

big cup tea cooperation process:

1, a preliminary understanding of

to the big cup official website to understand the chain cooperation instructions;

2, cooperative negotiation

call the big cup to join the telephone interview, to understand the details of cooperation and other issues;

3, signed an agreement

to pay for large cup tea with milk (or agency fee) and margin;

4, store location

partners to find the appropriate store, headquarters to provide professional guidance;

5, store design

to store the actual situation of the standardized design;

6, start construction

construction time is 7-10 days and complete with all the equipment, but outside the region as local workers and efficiency;

7, personnel training

from the store to start the recruitment of staff and technical training

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