Restaurant launched a special lunch to earn popularity

lunch time, you are free to choose a fast food restaurant to solve the problem of eating, or go to a restaurant to fry a few dishes? For most people, I am afraid that they will choose the former, in which the price has become an important factor in the decision. If there is a restaurant offering a special lunch, would you choose?

3 Chinese people as long as 79 yuan, over 100 yuan to send 70 yuan vouchers…… This summer, a large Dongyang, Zhejiang, Hunan and other local restaurant Weifang restaurants have a fancy summer lunch bucket "opportunities, launched a special offer lunch, lunch market expansion.

on Sunday at 6 pm, reporters passing the door "Zhejiang Urban Wendilu a catering shop, saw a piece of paper with" special offer lunch, 79 yuan "poster. 5 minutes, after the door of the 10 people, there are 6 people will read the "special lunch" campaign posters.

stores a lot of Zhejiang, this month is the third launch of a special lunch. The launch of the lunch is 79 yuan package available for 2 – 3 people, in addition to the $99, $138, 158 yuan and other different packages. "In April we did the first lunch specials, the effect is not obvious. At that time, there was an average of 15 meals a single shop, the next time, after a meal of the third set of meals to push out, at noon, the package soared to a single singular to the single, which let us see the prospects of the lunch market in 45."

Zhejiang a catering Marketing Manager Xu Yi said that since July, the students after the summer holidays, many families will become one of the important objects of the store to the consumer to enjoy lunch, so they also launched a children’s love half fruit juice, sales are good.

Dongyang Longquan Xiang soil restaurant shop and Nanou store two stores in the city, recently launched the "Dongyang lunch bucket", so that the original light summer afternoon suddenly swelled. This package includes family bucket mackerel, red shrimp, dried fish stew, Dongyang Wo face, crab legs 8 dishes, also rice fruit.

lunch has been a weakness in the Chinese restaurant, and summer hot weather, some people prefer to stay at home, and white-collar workers will choose to eat fast food. Now, we can attract people who have been in the office and home." Big Dongyang restaurant manager who is responsible for the Miao said.

some of the characteristics of the restaurant also eyeing the lunch cake". The town is located in the urban road of Hubei food franchise Yu Cang Xiang Chu Weifang, given the special offer business packages than tricks Genghen, spending 100 yuan to send 70 yuan vouchers, of course, this coupon can be enjoyed at lunch time. And this restaurant dishes have been relatively affordable, a family of three at the original point if 150 yuan food, lost 70 yuan coupons, pay 80 yuan only, the nearby workers and small families is not a small temptation. < / recommendation

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