You have to know the 6 commodity pricing rules

some people buy things cheaper, but most people still believe that cheap goods. How much do you know about the pricing rules? Here we look at 6 common commodity pricing rules.


sales for the same price

2, segmentation method

3, extra high price method

special price method is to put on the market in the new goods, the price will be significantly higher than the cost, make the enterprise get a lot of profit in the short term, then according to the market situation changes to adjust the price.

There is a shop in

if you launch the products are very popular on the market, and only you can sell a higher price. But this situation will not last long. Selling things, others can also be qunqiergong imitation, therefore, to maintain a high price, we must continue to introduce unique products.

4, security law

value of 10 yuan, to sell 20 yuan, on the surface is made, it may lose a customer.

for general merchandise, the price too high, is not conducive to open.

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