Which fashion leisure clothing brand worth joining

fashion casual clothing in the young consumer groups are very popular, many well-known brands are very worthy of investment. Now let us come to the fashion leisure clothing brand worth joining it, I hope there is a good project for you.

1. YISHION dress

2. Semir clothing

3. Cardanro casual

"Cardanro" (CARDANRO) is the famous Italy international brand, to enter the Chinese in 1991 2003 to enter the domestic leisure market with high starting point, founded Cardanro leisure clothing Limited company. In the process of development, Cardanro virtual business features, with a series of casual clothing for the leading industries, the implementation of high starting point, high standard of brand strategy, to fully integrate external resources, to achieve the rapid development of enterprises, Cardanro has now become famous China leisure clothing brand enterprises.

4. Metersbonwe

and manufacturing industry, in the clothing, fashion, entertainment and other industries, and has the absolute right to speak and lead the strength of the trend. As China local clothing brand, the market for 3 years, Metersbonwe was able to rank among the world’s top 10 brands of clothing, because Metersbonwe has to embrace change and adhere to the innovation of not sticking to formalities.

5. Giordano casual dress

Giordano consumer

6. Tonlion dress

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