World cup into a new tool for nternet marketing opportunities

World Cup, and spent two dollars in Beijing can travel around the world.

can cause persistent movement of national attention, has been popular with enterprises, on 2006 Tsingtao Brewery World Cup in Germany, a large 2010 Haier to float upon the clouds, CCTV football entertainment "the rich feast" launched "my team", the fiery world cup in South africa…… In 2014, when the development of the Internet industry has been very influential, world cup battle has not only the traditional companies who stand, the Internet industry has been the rapid run have to seize the world cup marketing battlefield.

but on real-time broadcast the world cup, the world cup sponsorship information network video is meet the eye everywhere.

in addition to marketing strategies of famous brands, the Internet also love using a world cup marketing strategy: event marketing, is leveraging the world cup atmosphere > push

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