What are the advantages of opening a fresh home selling drinks shop

although we all know that the current beverage market is very broad, as long as the proper operation, making money is easy. However, in general, the beverage shop will be basically run off-season, which will naturally bring a very big impact on profitability. In fact, if we open a new store selling drinks, there are still a lot of business advantages. So, what are the advantages of open shop selling drinks?

, a 19 year old girl opened a fresh shop selling drinks, easy to achieve the goal of making money. It is reported that last Valentine’s day that day, she sold enough to have 1500 cups of drinks, that day, holding the hands of a girl who is almost a cup of roses squeezed out of the store, the little boss count the money a few successful numb. And usually, the weekend to sell about 200 cup is not a problem, even the rainy Monday can sell sixty or seventy cups.

according to the analysis of some profession, the girl opened the shop selling drinks fresh success has the following advantages:

is the first "four feasible", because fresh selling drinks store and sell forty or fifty kinds of hot and cold drinks, from spring to winter will attract people to buy, spring beauty for summer heat, autumn and winter to warm up for air, and what is not, for the light that stood on the high bar at the waiter put the ice tea and juice shake Bang Bang sound, the sound in the first taste of "vanity, makes buyers proud face flushed, infatuated with the so-called" European style "girl, who did not drink this stuff?

second is puerile, also a cup of pearl milk tea in Taiwan, sold more than 10 yuan in real Black Tea square, and in this Lidengkequ selling fresh beverage shop, because it is cheap takeaway, half. Investors do not suffer! Think of the hundreds of square meters of Black Tea square store rent geometry, and you only rent 156 square meters of the front doors open, who pays?

it is reported that fresh beverage stores only sell investment investment 1.2-1.3 million yuan, if the site selection such as: cinema, personality, full of shops and fitness center near the University District, the most conservative estimates of daily average can also sell 100 cups, the average daily gross profit 350 yuan, the profit will be in 6000 months yuan, less than a quarter of the cost will be recovered easily into profitable state.

Perhaps it is because of the

has a variety of advantages, so that the store can quickly earn more lucrative in the short term, to bring more wealth for the operator returns. So, if you want to start a business shop, may wish to open a new shop selling drinks.

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