Open community retail stores need to take more advice

shop although it is not easy to do, but as long as willing to pay efforts, often can successfully open a shop. However, easy to open a shop, open shop is facing a lot of difficulties. To open a good community retail stores, we must pay attention to the characteristics of the shopping district consumers, habits and purchasing power, etc., to make a heart, but also pay attention to listen to the views of customers with an open mind, flexible adjustment of business strategy.

there is a medium-sized supermarket in the neighborhood of my retail store, although the supermarket is large, but the goods are not very complete. As soon as I have time, I will go there and take a look. If there is a market for these goods, I will get some goods back. As a result, many of the residents in the district can not buy the common food or commonly used items, I can buy here. After taking this strategy, the store attracted more customers, but also avoid the positive competition and the supermarket.

I have a retail store in the back of a teacher dormitory, a lot of students in the evening to the teacher’s home tutoring. On one occasion, a student said after buying something, because sometimes the class late, before class to buy some bread and other food pad. After listening to his words, I will increase the amount of such goods reserves, but also put the dispenser outside the shop, free of charge for the students to provide hot water supply. Nowadays, it is customary for the students who come to my shop to buy things.

recently, the two phase of the project near my retail store was started, and construction workers sometimes work at night because of the tight schedule. One day, I drink wine at a friend’s home, back to the store has more than nine points, just to close the door, a few migrant workers came in. They bought some food and a cigarette. At that time, an old man said: "the site is often a night shift, hungry at night there is no place to buy food. We’ll be able to drive a little more in the evening." I think he has a point, so second days in front of the shop a light bulb, and made a "business" light box, the evening to extend the business hours. As a result, the effect is really good, turnover increased a lot.

customers will make recommendations, because they do have the demand in this area, if the store can meet, they will undoubtedly become a loyal repeat shop. Big supermarket has the advantages of large supermarkets, and community stores also have the convenience of small shops. In my community, residents can enjoy the big supermarket can not enjoy the door-to-door service. Usually, as long as they do not facilitate the purchase of goods, make a phone call or say hello in advance, I will send the goods in a timely manner, not only facilitate the residents of the District, but also make our relationship more harmonious.

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