Over seventy years old can achieve a wealth of success

as long as entrepreneurial enthusiasm, then age is not a problem. Who says things are young entrepreneurs to do, Huang Wupu old man with their own personal experience to tell you, as long as there is a dream, when it is not too late to chase.

1995, the 60 year old Huang Wupu retired from YOFC retired, he did not choose to live like other people, busy life, suddenly idle for the Yellow Wupu into " the thought of retirement free, can not think later give yourself a inhibition of ", Wupu mouth yellow; the inhibition is his pursuit of innovation. All his life he and his rivalry, ignoring the secular vision.

is retired, but his heart is still working for decades yofc. In order for the company to do a website, Huang Wupu began to learn computer from the age of 60, when CPU was 586, a computer more than 20 thousand, 61 years old when he began to contact the Internet, from the market to buy a US software began his research, the first site of YOFC from the yellow hand Po E. In order to process materials for producing optical fiber, it is dynamic, he taught himself Flash, to the end of his level can have a glass fiber wire drawing process demonstration like really like.


2000, Huang Wupu went to Shenzhen venture, he almost succeeded, he was invited to a factory and optical fiber and cable us customers to Shenzhen, using microwave plasma technology of silica, which is inspired by the technology of yofc. This project is very good, high technology content, but met with the Internet bubble, the stock market plummeted, due to lack of funds for the project finally died. Xianbuzhu Huang Wupu returned to Wuhan after not only affected by the incident and retreat, but made more action.

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