How to make domestic cosmetics more competitive

after the end of the college entrance examination, after completing the volunteer, many students will choose to travel abroad. The choice of outbound tourism, there are relatives and friends please buy overseas cosmetics. In recent years, especially in high-end brand cosmetics, sea Amoy high frequency words.

held recently in the twenty-first China Beauty Expo, from Europe, Japan and South Korea makeup brand lineup strong, won a lot of consumers sought after. In some commercial district, some domestic brands occupy a space for one person, but careful observation will find that it is the flagship brand of nostalgia, "a riot of colour" "friendship" "100" and so on, the main customers in the elderly, is the main low-end market.

consumption upgrade, but did not keep up with industrial upgrading. With the rising level of income and consumption levels, the great potential of the beautiful industry. Beautiful industry called "made in China", the supply side of the upgrade without delay. To make domestic cosmetics market, competitive, some urgent need to fill the short board.

one, increasing varieties. This is an era of increasing emphasis on individual needs. Now consumers want to find their own personalized products, personalized brand.

second, mention quality. Insiders admitted that in the cosmetics industry, low quality and quality of the product is too much, but not many high-grade quality products. Cosmetics directly to the skin, consumers are most valued quality. Only continue to increase R & D, adhere to the spirit of artisans, and constantly improve the quality of cosmetics in order to win the market.

3, playing the brand. From a technical point of view, foreign brands R & D and market development than domestic brands, science and technology strength is relatively strong, but this does not mean that domestic brands do nothing. Notice, the brand needs to cultivate, some European and American high-end cosmetics brands to enter the market has also experienced a short period of time, domestic brands are more suitable for Chinese people’s skin, which is the biggest selling point.

of course, the government should also create a better environment for domestic brands. Easy to enter the cosmetics industry, the formation of word of mouth is difficult, once there is a good idea, it is easy to be copied in the country, the product is also easy to fall into the homogenization of competition. For example, the concept of "Chinese herbal herb" 1000 grass "sink" Xunzi Caoyuan "and a series of Main herbal products have been listed, the price war follows. Through the protection of intellectual property rights, severely punish counterfeiters, can make a good brand to cultivate a good market.

at present, the upgrade of the industry to bring business opportunities. In this process, if the enterprise does not practice the internal strength, enhance the sense of urgency and sense of responsibility, can not grasp the key to the consumer upgrade window period, it may lose the market. China has a rich cultural heritage of the country, do a good job in the beauty industry we have accumulated also has the foundation, but now there is an opportunity.


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