80 from scratch to create extraordinary entrepreneurial experience

a lot of 80 have now started a business as the main force appears in people’s life, every year we will hear some of the story 80 were extraordinary, let’s look at the following the entrepreneur and his legendary entrepreneurial experience.

online Jones

"we go to Beijing exam, do not learn Chuang Wang Li Zicheng." Chairman Mao’s famous saying is the motto of Lynch, his character just confirms the word "Chuang" word.

his earlier business computer business was booming, VC on a good, $5 million. But because of various reasons, and later VC to give up investment, this experience is like riding a roller coaster. From peak to trough let him experience the entrepreneur in addition to the need to have the courage and opportunity, but also need to have accurate judgment and grasp of the overall situation.

list, tour family network has Lynch third pioneering, in his own words, before the business failed in the majority, but in the game when success. Maybe it has a kind of heroism complex and has always been interested in the game industry." Lynch side people say.

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