Guangyuan dishonest pharmaceutical companies which have several

difficult to see a doctor, people often respond to a problem. Expensive drug prices, so that a lot of people are sick can not afford to buy medicine. However, in such a market situation, a lot of people still do not trust the pharmaceutical companies. So, Guangyuan dishonest pharmaceutical companies which have a few? The following and small series of specific understanding.

6 on the evening of 23 August, Guangyuan city is located in the people’s livelihood large pharmacy neglected, several staff members are boring to look down the mobile phone, the surrounding patients even farther to detour to buy drugs, they are the dishonest behavior of previous pay.

earlier this month, the Guangyuan Municipal Food and Drug Administration announced the 2015 annual production of drugs and medical devices business unit safety credit rating list, 575 Yaoxie companies under the regulation in the city, 10 pharmaceutical enterprises including Guangyuan City People’s livelihood large pharmacy, credit for more than 40 points and were assessed for dishonesty". Was included in the "broken" list, waiting for the 10 companies will be a series of penalties: his dishonesty will publicize the exposure, such as Medicare drugstore will be recommended to cancel its accreditation and supervision departments will increase the frequency of checks, check their production and business scope……

how can a good faith in a pharmacy? Meet 81 iron gauge

drug procurement and sales records are incomplete, buckle 2 points; licensed pharmacist is not in the post for a long time, deduction of 10 points; from the "drug business license" units or individuals to buy drugs, deduction of 40 points…… According to the regulations of Guangyuan City drug classification management of medical security credit rating, a pharmacy must meet the provisions of the 81 percentile, get 80 points above is integrity, if intentionally selling counterfeit drugs, GSP examination to provide false information, will be "one vote veto", directly assessed for dishonesty".

compared to pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesale enterprises require more, we must meet the requirements of the 133 can be counted as good faith, fine to the temperature and humidity is consistent with the fact that there are no plans to do cold storage. According to regulations, the percentile scored 80 points or above; basic integrity points in 70 – 79 points; 60 – 69 points in the minor dishonesty; dishonesty: integral below 60 points.

reporters found that access to the data in the 575 Guangyuan medical equipment enterprises, the basic integrity of enterprises occupy an absolute majority, 563, there are 2 minor dishonesty, dishonesty has 10, and a score of 80 points or more in No. "Because it is the first year of implementation and the standard is very strict, because of our negligence on the details, with 1 points of error to achieve the integrity of the standard opportunity." The highest score of this assessment, Sichuan Province, Wangcang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said the relevant person in charge, will be operating on the benchmark, and strive to fully meet the requirements of the 133 standards this year.

credit files and bank recommendation

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