Can’t do business with emotion

some people usually get along with people like to bring their own emotions, at most, only offend some people, the business will not have much impact. But if you do business with your own emotions, this is very detrimental to the development of the business. Today is cloudy, as if it has been a long time did not meet the sun, although there is no rain, but, in this dark world, people always feel more or less some lost and helpless, even, there was a rather baffling ring of fire. This is not the store after Shun Shi, feel is in the business field, this kind of mood is really bad.

took a 20 Su smoke, then, "also didn’t finish, the owner stiffly threw a word" no gold, in addition to Nanjing, the remaining 20 are not, to the smoke, which have so many good things." The customer listens, the fire also came up, "did not have, said that many words why? It’s not your store, what drag. I’m going to buy two boxes of wine. I’m going to another place." But, say this, look at the customer or to the owner, he very much hope that the boss to say soft words retain him, but the owner of it all ignore the customer completely indifferent, eventually angrily.

no matter which he eventually went to, no matter how he felt after the store, the owner of the shop, the business is determined to lose, but also lost a customer source. After the boss aftertaste, but also admitted that their emotional irritability led to the attitude of indifference, the result of offending customers, but also the loss of business. I know it’s wrong to customers, but it is so unhappy and low mood, but later regret not be careless with, Dietuzeng.

was sitting in the shop waiting for customers to be able to come to the end of the era, in the current era of business stores, if you want a better business, you need to have a better attitude. In short, the era of low profit, competition is fierce, it is difficult to do business, the quality of goods, types, prices, etc. the difference is small, there is no room for manipulation, the fight between peers is the service. Good service must be a stable mood to do a good job. So, to do business and life, you have to adjust your mood, and then we associate tobacco human services principles and business philosophy, only a smile, show enthusiasm, performance tolerance, show character, in order to retain Everfount customers can truly walk in front of the "industry".

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