Free book rental is not a year to make millions of you cheat

"free is the most expensive", this sentence does not know who said, sounds reasonable. Not only on the Internet by the free mode of making money abound, there is no lack of reality in the case of free mode to make money. Free rent books can make millions of years, sounds like a lie, it is true.

Ding boss books in the bookstore is basically a PubMed, IELTS, Tofu, admitted to some civil servants must book, at the same time there are some exams necessary supplementary materials, also provide some previous exam papers, these are free to hire the City University students. Free, completely free!

as completely free, attracting a large number of students to the fourth boss rent books, each book rental people only pay 50 yuan deposit, you can take 3 books.

3 book back, 50 yuan deposit will be returned to you. If it continues to pay a deposit. But the boss did not rely on the deposit to make money.

then Ding bosses know that they want to test what the next section is, or the civil service exam, and then targeted to each student corresponding training, help enrollment accordingly, easily earn one million yuan a year.

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