Dr Wu Wendi quit selling snacks selling big fortune

if you could have a higher degree, can do a decent job after graduation, but because their entrepreneurial ideas and decided to drop out, you can do this? In this paper, the hero Wu Wendi has done this. Plump, dress is simple, and can be regarded as somewhat random, as Wu Wendi 90 after he faced us even a little shy.

but if you know that he is a Crazy Rabbit box of snacks business founder and CEO, then you will not feel a little strange, because he Meng temperament, it seems that he is born to do this.


is such a lovely look, it also created a stride forward singing militant songs venture. The project on July 22, 2014 on-line dream network, launched the congregation raised 40 days, the goal is only $2000 fund-raising, but in the time of 28 days to complete the goal of 1200%, all types of support for all sold out. At the same time, he got his first angel investment. In the just past May, the company is to achieve a single month nearly 1 million 200 thousand of sales performance, considerable profits.

as a hobby as a career, Dr.

quit selling snacks

Wu Wendi was outstanding, was directly sent to the Tsinghua University to pursue a PhD, "I am 90 years old, originally this June I graduated with a PhD, only 26 years old, but now I’m selling snacks," Wu Wendi excitedly told reporters, did not show any regret.

he said, training in Tsinghua learning life "to the academic spirit", without the use of scientific experiments, it is usually used to taste imported snacks. Can buy, selling snacks basically tasted the times, found or imported delicious. But these imported snacks only a few can enter the domestic supermarkets, for snack vendors, selling a product to advertising, channel distribution cost is very high. For consumers, spent a lot of money to buy a snack do not know, and found that they do not like the taste, not good to eat, but also a pity.

How can the

really delicious and unknown snacks out quickly, solve the chowhound strong curiosity and appetite, but also solve the import manufacturers how to break into the market China problem, become a problem.

Wu Wendi thought of a solution, he tasted especially delicious, and it is difficult to buy snacks selected, and remove the packing box to break up the whole into parts, small packaging, multi category snacks together with nice gift wrapped snacks to sales. In this way, for buyers, you can spend less money, eat more snacks. For snack makers, you can also enter the Chinese market with lower costs.


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