A qualified owner who needs to upgrade from three aspects

work in the end there is no place to do, this is not to see out, it is not to say that it is often manifested in the actual business process. In order to exercise, I agreed with his son to get up early every day, to accompany him to walk to school (3 Station Road bus), so my son and I ate breakfast every shop on the way to school. May be caused by occupational diseases, their business, and often observe other people do business, often also pay attention to the details of the operation in the breakfast room.

one morning, my son and I were having a good time listening to what other diners and clerks were arguing about. Under listen to understand, it is also an aunt to send children to school, she just stood up from the seat to help children finishing the bag, hard-working clerk thought they were finished to leave, he put on the table did not finish the Soybean Milk poured into the bowl, ready to pick up the walk.

aunt saw immediately anxious: "how do we put out the milk? I keep the kids on the road. What are you doing up so quickly, hurry up and get out of here?……" The little girl brilliant work is also wrong, a face of injustice with the aunt to explain why, so the two triggered a dispute. Finally, the boss reprimanded the clerk, and then pour a cup of milk to the aunt was considered a problem.

coincidentally, just this morning, in another noodle shop also saw a scene on the milk of the plot. There are two helpers aunt this shop, one responsible for the guests to Soybean Milk, Yellow Wine, rice wine and other drinks, another for guests to eat after picking up the dishes and then boarding so quickly. I just sat down to hear the end of the bowl, pick up the tube aunt said: "ah? This cup of soya bean milk did not drink, how did you go?" Another aunt fine voice then said: "put it on the first, young people in a hurry, and sometimes eat while answering the phone to forget to drink a drink, and so on, look at it will not come back."

cup of milk is not worth much money, but the attitude of a cup of soy milk to reflect their different attitudes towards service. In front of the little girl don’t know in the hurried away customers Soybean Milk, not only let the boss to bear the loss suffered by their own rebuke, and offend the customer, so that customers have a feeling of not being respected. If you ask in advance, "have you finished? The dishes can be received?" Is it possible to avoid embarrassing situations? Two aunt behind to do very well, that young customers occasionally forget to drink, she usually is good at observation, but also be able to care for customers to consider — not immediately take Soybean Milk, wait for the customer.

from here to see around them or the success or failure of the business case, will think of themselves in business has not happened, what should be done to avoid the adverse circumstances. Through comparison, I think as a qualified owner we have to upgrade from the following three points.


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