Bayuquan district among the first batch of provincial entrepreneurial counties more employment oppor

an economic circle built up, it can lead to more employment, the development of a province to solve the problem of employment and entrepreneurship, the economy will naturally develop. Bayuquan district among the first batch of provincial-level entrepreneurial counties, people’s lives are getting better and better.

2013 years, new individual owned enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households million households, 469 households in which college graduates entrepreneurship, promote employment 938; build entrepreneurship training base 14, a total of 1966 people to support entrepreneurship training; business leaders in 195, promote employment 1243; collection business projects of more than 550. The day before, the assessment after the provincial Club Hall of the first creation of provincial entrepreneurial counties candidates final performance, Bayuquan won the title of the first batch of provincial entrepreneurial counties.

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