The new situation in the development of Shenyang business platform to platform for cros

the arrival of the Internet has brought a series of changes to our life, everyone is obvious to people, in order to further adapt to the needs of social development, 26 this month, the cross-border electricity supplier in Shenyang public service platform will be officially launched operation. The platform has paperless customs clearance, inspection, tax rebates, foreign exchange and other one-stop online service functions, can achieve rapid clearance of import and export commodities, sunshine customs clearance.

The continuous development of

technology, has brought rapid economic development, but also a series of new things come out, cross-border electricity supplier public service platform, is a very significant effect. Currently, consumers in the Shenyang area to buy overseas goods online, usually in Guangzhou, Zhengzhou and other ports clearance, and then by Guangzhou, Zhengzhou arrived in Shenyang. Shenyang cross-border electricity supplier after the operation of public service platform, not only consumers shopping more convenient and efficient, the company’s operating costs will be significantly reduced, with more room for consumers.

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