Bamboo products detonated consumer entrepreneurship can not be missed

Because of the special structure of

bamboo charcoal, a natural health care products, pay attention to the quality of life in the current society, nature is a very good response, triggered a frenzy of consumption, but such opportunities in many small and medium-sized city is still a gap in the market, it is undertaking not to be missed!

however bamboo charcoal products profit rate is very high, about 50%, the average daily turnover of nearly 600 yuan, the first half of the gross profit of RMB 100 thousand yuan, the total investment can be recovered throughout the year, net profit of nearly 20 thousand yuan.

, this is not a good choice to get rich? And the investment is very simple, but the profit margin is rich, if you happen to be an entrepreneur, such business opportunities, you are willing to let go? Maybe you are not only a business opportunity, or a rich tomorrow!

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