Eleven golden week arrival of the hottest spots in West Lake

in modern life, every year we look forward to the two festivals, one is the reunion of the Spring Festival, and the other is the national day, and finally have the opportunity to go out and have fun. The upcoming National Day 7 day holiday, the province’s highway to implement the following 7 small passenger free passage. 27, Provincial Expressway Network Operation Management Center issued a toll free highway traffic and road conditions, the monitoring system of the provincial highway administration, through big data analysis tools, released during the National Day public travel tips.

10 1 – 7, Jiangsu highway network traffic is expected to export nearly 16 million 800 thousand vehicles. National Day holiday peak traffic is expected to climb to 2 million 600 thousand vehicles, a single day since the implementation of the free policy of high traffic.

according to the forecast, in October 1st the largest flow, the total amount is greater than the amount of arrival; South of Jiangsu area was significantly higher than that of central and northern areas, while the middle and the north of Jiangsu Province in the period before the holiday ushered in a large number of return of passenger. 14:00 is expected in September 30th, the whole network traffic will surge; October 1st total road network maximum flow; 2 days after the traffic flow will decline, but the 4 day or 5 days will be a small peak travel; 6 -7 days, return traffic peak.

has always been a hot spot in the Yangtze River Delta regional travel during the holidays, including Suzhou, Nanjing, Wuxi, Nantong is the largest city of Suzhou travel, the highest daily travel volume reached 1 million 60 thousand trips, Nanjing highest daily travel a total of more than 720 thousand trips, become the most difficult access to the city of city.

road congestion in Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, Jiangyin bridge, Sutong Bridge three block, Jiangqiao, is expected to reach 130 thousand vehicles daily flow. Easy to jam the toll station centralized near the toll station entrance, the main city link, popular attractions and narrow ramp in the province, mostly located in the South of Jiangsu area G42 Shanghai Chengdu high-speed, high-speed G15w and Nanjing, Suzhou, along the Wuxi, Yangzhou and other neighboring link.

also drops 27, travel joint Ali jointly issued the "eleven" travel "travel forecast report" big data. The prediction shows that holiday travel peak will appear in September 30th, the day of the evening peak time will be 2.5 hours in advance, the average speed of the main city fell 15%, go to the train station, the airport takes an increase of more than 20%.

eleven golden week is coming, Jiangsu Province in several places in the larger flow of people, so the city there will be traffic jams, the eleven major attractions in Jiangsu can be said everywhere, people everywhere, everyone abandoned the vehicle "streaking". Nanjing in the day before the national day average speed fell, ranked third in the country, the decline rate of up to 24.2%, the average speed of only 24.4 km / h. During the golden week, the hottest destination outside Thailand, the hottest city recommended

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