Do business also need to adhere to all the

many people do completely follow the market business, the market is the need to do this business, but once the market demand change, the business also immediately change, do a lost one line for business practices, in fact, is not a little help. Xiao Bian here suggest that entrepreneurs who do business also need a lot of persistence.

cousin is a smart man, although not admitted to college because of naughty, but after graduating from high school, on their own ingenuity to start a business. However, it is precisely because the cousin is too clever, always able to find a new and more profitable business, so these years has been changing business, and even he did not know how many kinds of business.

This is not

, while the other day and night, holding a cigarette for me to take a bottle of wine and drink while I wanted to talk to just two years of operating retail stores to transfer out, diverted to a teahouse and entertainment room, and told me that now people in rural areas and more free time, drinking tea and playing cards were certainly not less. Only a one-time investment of mahjong tables and chairs, a pot of tea every day, you can make money, than now do retail stores also make money easily.

honestly, cousin’s idea is good, but I’m worried about him. Although the teahouse, a short period of time can earn money, but after all, people in rural areas have not reached prosperity often drink tea leisure entertainment cards, not everyone has the need, so it is difficult to manage persistent teahouse ensure, and retail stores will be different, everyone has a daily consumption demand, this business as long as the heart of what time can run.

thought of here, I poured a cup of wine to his cousin, could not help laughing.

I am not the right to laugh, the cousin laughed, holding a glass of wine, puzzled looked at me and asked me what funny.

I said I thought of a lesson I learned when I was a child.

what is it worth to laugh at? Cousin is still a little puzzled to ask me.

I really tell my cousin, I think of "monkey" breaking corn this passage, because I think interesting, could still do it:

one day, a little monkey came down from the mountain.

it went to a corn field and saw the corn was so big and so happy,

broke one, and carried on.

the little monkey carried the corn and went to a peach tree.

he saw the peach tree of big red

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