Bamboo fiber textile stores how to run the

many people want through entrepreneurship changed their present situation, the choice of the project is also a lot of space, now in the fierce competition in the market, entrepreneurs want to find a good project is not really easy, so think of this sunrise industry in the bamboo fiber textile inside a share, open bamboo fiber textile shop to my own business to an invincible position in the fierce competition of the bamboo fiber textile industry, every business must face the challenge, the details determine the success or failure of the times has come, which businesses to do deep penetration in fine detail than competitors, it is possible to strive for the initiative competition.

in the actual operation, the bamboo fiber stores to get more attention, as far as possible to improve the arrival rate of propaganda, can use a variety of mode of combination of publicity, such as television, floats, advertising, advertising, residential fence clip newspaper, tricycle, SMS flow turns bombing. Especially the float false propaganda is to play an unexpected effect, not only attracted a large crowd of onlookers, and took the opportunity to play a product display effect.


opened the shop in the display of goods is carey arranged according to the product category is divided into bright silk jacquard, jacquard printing area, sales area, sales area, the price of wedding wedding district area, wedding District, high-end boutique area, was the core area, a region of nine regional fault code, the display of goods and arranged in good order. Greatly improve the pertinence and efficiency of customer selection.

for nine regional commodity, bamboo fiber stores to do differential display, a second arouse the desire of customers to buy, such as bright silk jacquard promotion area, the rational use of display, display a variety of flowers in the area; printing and jacquard area, the same price or price close to the bamboo fiber products similar display, repeated explosion posted price, each bed on the KT board, sanding series of all goods piled up in the bed.

in the wedding and wedding promotion area area is the price of bamboo fiber products as intimate with all the red ribbon tied up and posted to send word on the bed head, in order to create active atmosphere, increase customer purchase desire, to prove that this method is very good after the implementation, can attract customers; in the wedding District, the goods classification called Duitou convenient, sales, and activity to create atmosphere; in the high-end boutique area, the high-grade trolley law suite, neatly arranged, and write the explosion posted price, place the corresponding pictures, and the package price of the gift products tied with red ribbon, placed next to the corresponding products.

wants to successy operate such shops, all is the need to pay attention in many ways, the contents of the above I hope you can help us in the core region, taking into account the core area congestion pattern, extremely creative to bed to move inside the empty place was the core, so that the surface looks goods shop more ; in the broken code clearance area, all the products in low price sales, and set to send a set of quilt core and pillow.

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