How big cup tea shop

in China, you can always find something in a small place to surprise you with a delicious thing, it should be called the great hidden in the city! To this one brand today is in the beginning is only a little tea shop in a small alley, but JiaBuZhu market demand, has now become a well-known beverage brands, it is a big cup of tea shops

big cup tea shop? Big cup tea shop brand introduction


Cup" was founded in August 2007, the first store located in the lake area Zhukeng Road, Xiamen City, is a less than 20 square meters of Street Tea shop. From the beginning, the big cup has been the layout of the chain market, look around the country, so the first shop named: East China’s Fujian Province, Xiamen District Lake Bamboo Road store.

less than a year, the "big cup" as the city flower bloom in Xiamen — the high streets and back lanes nearly 50 stores in bloom on this island. As of 2009, the Fujian market has more than and 120 big cup chain, in the same year in July signed a proxy in the capital Beijing, the official march into the northern market.

after a few years, has entered the country 18 provinces and 4 municipalities directly under the central government, signed with the Indonesia capital Jakarta headquarters, into the Southeast Asian market, the "big cup" is "thick with leaves and deep-rooted". Originated in the street store, but the big cup has always been a century brand dream. A dream brand, always running. Always forward, is the big cup of faith!

big cup cooperation reason:

1, tea is recognized as the world’s health food, beverage is the largest consumer demand, the two marriage, the achievements of the market in the development of sustainable and vision.

2, big cup brand reputation and brand value, so that some competitors envy jealousy and hate, walking in the north and south, you are likely to cordial meet big cup, which is the brand influence.

3, the big cup reputation is always Chinese red, simple and eye-catching, some people may say that is not nice, but no one dare not impressed, in any area can become a prominent stores, this is a successful store first, so pragmatic, non none other than the tea cup. We have always understood that there are more important than the reason to sell the product is more important than the store looks good".

4, never change the "now take away drinks shop", is one of the important reasons for the big cup unbeaten in the market, but also our professionalism.

5, a big cup of fresh tea field modulation, without the use of concentrated juice, without pigment. Do business to make money, but >

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