After Secretary instructions

Provinces linkage, the participation of all people, not only to create a national civilized city will move, but also the key to the success of the establishment.

2015 in December 31st, Luo Huining of secretary of provincial Party committee of Xining city to create a national civilized city work instructions: central units in Qingdao, provincial units to actively support Xining create a national civilized city, create a shared.

Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Wang Xiao held a meeting for the first time, the implementation of the provincial Party committee secretary Luo Huining instructions: "the city will conscientiously study the important instructions to implement the Secretary Luo Huining, continue to actively seek the support of the central unit in Qingdao, provincial units, to the masses with a city as the ultimate goal, to" dry in reality, go ahead "spirit, strive to promote the transformation and upgrading of the city, the full interpretation of" city better life "is the essence of a city to become the problem solving process, let the people have more beautiful life."

Secretary Luo Huining instructions, the central unit in the Qing Dynasty, the provincial units are moving up quickly –

is located in a central Xining in Qingdao, Xining customs will be in accordance with the Xining municipal government on a city the overall arrangements and requirements, and win-win and open service environment, develop new advantages of foreign trade in Xining, a city of Xining for the dedication of a work force;

provincial organs work committee, provincial organs of civilization issued a special document, the provincial authorities to participate in the work of supporting the creation of the city of Xining arrangements;

units are also actively action, and constantly strengthen the coordination and cooperation between provinces and cities, the integration of all resources, explore the establishment of a joint force to promote the operation of the system;

Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of all Party members and cadres closely combined with the working party members into the community activities, to actively participate in a city of Xining, part of the 3 batch of the Party branch has participated in the 71 West community to carry out the civilized persuasion, clean homes and other activities;

Provincial Education Department to actively participate in a city of Xining, in the deepening of school campus civilization construction, carry out the "civilization in my heart" theme of practical activities, and vigorously promote the practice of socialist core values, education students abide by the code of schoolchildren, with practical action to become the new era of civilization;

provincial Civil Affairs Department to actively cooperate with the tiger Taiwan Street office, hanging in the area of civilized language, the majority of residents to improve the awareness rate of Xining to create a national civilized city, at the same time, starting from the language internal management, strictly regulate the behavior of the cadres and workers;

38 branch of the Provincial Department of youth volunteer service team into the streets, communities, schools, cultural propaganda, landscaping and civilized traffic as the main content, focus on the work of the city;


as a member of the Central Committee in the blue city, the relevant units, the provincial units has always been to create a national civilized city as the duty to carefully organize the activities of a city, and Xining cadres and the masses together, forge ahead, work together to build a civilized city, sharing the happiness of life.

"support is created by the central green unit and the province;

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