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of the third classic mountain flowers during the planting and breeding areas of food safety, according to the "2012 Chinese · the third session of the Qinghai master plan" will Yamahana agricultural products quality and safety special rectification work period, July 19th to 24, the law enforcement personnel of county farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau of the Bureau of agriculture and the integrated law enforcement team the responsibility of the unit is divided into 5 groups, according to their respective responsibility area to carry out agricultural product quality inspection work.

is the focus of inspections will be the main venue, the venue of flowers and surrounding the main street, the main attractions (CHA Han River, kite ditch, Bridge Park, botanical garden, Yiyuan, master Shuangqiao Mountain Park, Xishan Park, river, delicacy street and other attractions) lines involved in agricultural products production base and market and the wholesale market, distribution business units, food service units and the mass distribution of temporary stalls. Especially to increase the master mountain scenic area, Garden Road Bridge wholesale market, central market, cultural square characteristic agricultural products exhibition, under the viaduct, snack delicacy area, various types of agricultural products distribution shops (stalls) food quality and safety of agricultural products inspection and other key areas. A total of 15 units dispatched vehicles, personnel 82 passengers, inspection of livestock and poultry slaughterhouses, sampling of vegetables production Park (base), agricultural products wholesale markets, supermarkets, all kinds of agricultural products production and processing, distribution shops (stalls) 337 times. Check the listing of livestock and poultry products sources, quarantine certificate, "Clenbuterol" and other contraband inspection certificate, a stamp, a total inspection of livestock and poultry slaughterhouses, meat and poultry in 212 households, livestock inspection 10142 kg, and 68 kg of pork without quarantine, according to the law of the inspection and quarantine, not found qualified confiscated on the spot, eliminate the unqualified animal products listed. Sampling and monitoring efforts to increase fruit and vegetable pesticide residues listed, to increase the sampling frequency, cumulative sampling pumpkin, gourd, eggplant, tomato, lettuce, cherry tomato, sweet pepper, cowpea, bean, cucumber, king of ginseng fruit 125 times such as vegetable and fruit, the inhibition rate in 1.78-42.56%, the passing rate of 100%, achieved the non quality standard the safety of agricultural products.  

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