Kumbum Monastery yesterday hit a new high

Kumbum Monastery became the national 5A level scenic spots, has been outside of great concern, therefore, the Kumbum Monastery the butter lamp Festival this year attracted the province and even foreign tourists attention, the fifteen day, a large number of tourists flock to Kumbum Monastery, the entire area from early in the morning, blowout phenomenon appeared, the crowds of tourists all day The stream never stops flowing. The same day, the number of more than doubled last year, to the evening, people reached a peak, hit a record high, the number of tourists reached 190 thousand people a day.

from the first fourteen jump dry (commonly known as Lama, fire agency) Kumbum Monastery scenic area tourists blowout phenomenon, especially to the fifteen, starting from six or seven in the morning, people will appear in the area of the phenomenon of streams of people busily coming and going. In the morning, is the county’s outstanding fire tour activities, fire started, County Street appeared in the peak flow, the county unique festivals to attract a lot of foreign tourists. According to the county statistics, when the number of daylight is about 150 thousand people watching the fire, more than last year more than doubled. After the rush began to transfer 6 Kumbum Monastery, suyouhua began exhibiting the number of tourists reached 70 thousand people, 6 points to 8 points to 50 thousand, 8 points to 10 points, watching the butter lamp visitors reached a peak, this time people can reach about 80 thousand, 10 points after abortion dragon gradually became sparse, but still reached 20 thousand people. Therefore, the whole night tour of the lantern festival visitors reached 160 thousand people, more than last year about 120 thousand more than about 40 thousand.

reporter saw the majority of tourists in the province accounted for the majority of tourists this year, the province also accounted for a considerable proportion, while foreign tourists also have a small proportion. According to the county deputy magistrate horse property, have a great relationship with the promotion of Kumbum Monastery national 5A level scenic spots, but also with the county propaganda and strive to build the Kumbum Monastery cultural tourism brand, enhance the visibility and influence of Kumbum Monastery a great relationship. Such a huge crowd, a great test for Huangzhong county departments at all levels and the Kumbum Monastery scenic area, starting from 8 in the morning, many departments will enter the work state, until 2 a.m. the last visitor leave, all the staff was evacuated to work. (author: Ge Wenrong)


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