Let the city more than 70% units garden green standards

The courtyard is an important carrier of our life, here is full of happiness and happiness, in the courtyard of willow trees, green grass next to the crowd, people take a walk, enjoy the warmth of life. The reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, in order to create a good living environment, to further improve the level of city greening greening, set off a national craze, I developed the urban residential area and unit garden landscape improvement work. Through 2016, two years of efforts, so that more than 70% of the city’s courtyard and residential areas to meet the provisions of the green standards, and the emergence of a number of garden units in the form of.

our city from 1984 to begin extensive garden style units to create jobs. As of the end of 2015, the city built a total of 138 garden style units, these garden style units in the process of creating a national forest city has played a positive role, effectively promoting the construction of urban greening in Xining. According to the actual situation of residential units in the garden greening, the city plans to 2016, 2017 implementation of the overall landscape to enhance the work of urban residential area greening and courtyard units completed the new residential area of the city and courtyard greenbelt construction of 42, the implementation of green transformation of 197 city residential areas and units to complete courtyard, residential and landscape garden city the promotion of 376.

this year I will be in the city within the scope of different levels and stages, courtyard and residential area greening units to carry out a standard action, comprehensively promote the units in the courtyard and residential district greening construction and management, and constantly improve the units in the courtyard and greening of residential area and the grade level. Green building, renovation and expansion of courtyard units and residential area rate shall comply with the following standards: industrial, commercial finance, warehousing, transportation hub, municipal utilities and other units, green rate of not less than 30%; organizations, cultural entertainment, sports, health, education, scientific research and design unit, green rate of not less than 40%; new residential area green rate of not less than 35%, which belongs to the transformation of the old residential area green rate of not less than 30%; the transformation of the old city area belongs to the project unit, contiguous development of the old city, the green rate can be reduced by 5 percentage points; sporadic transformation projects, green rate can be reduced by 10 percentage points.


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