Huangyuan built 10 healthy village

since last year, Huangyuan county to create the "health village" in the Tibetan village of Kesuer village, the 10 "health village" has been built, the doctor provides convenience for the masses.

March 17th, the village clinics of Huangyuan County Chengguan town nalon mouth, several villagers to the village doctor carefully inquired about the prevention of hypertension knowledge. In the village doctor’s careful explanation, several villagers have a preliminary understanding of hypertension. Villagers Zhang Xiufang said, now the rural living conditions are good, high blood pressure, diabetes is also more common in rural areas. Many people do not know how to prevent these common chronic diseases. Since the establishment of healthy village activities carried out in their village, the villagers removed the doubts.

for the basic needs of the masses, Huangyuan county health department to adjust measures to local conditions, where the conditions are more mature, the establishment of 10 healthy villages. The allotment of "health village of small family medicine", to prepare a number of commonly used drugs. At the same time, regular medical knowledge training courses to improve the villagers’ medical knowledge and awareness. Huangyuan this year will continue to expand the health village to create a range, so that more people enjoy basic medical services. (author: Zhao Junjie Han Yongsheng)

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