Municipal Committee party secretary Yan Shujiang research Jingyang town and Changning town work


details of the pig breeding project

9 4, municipal committee, party secretary Yan Shujiang, accompanied by responsible comrades in the county office director Zhang Yuanliang County farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, work to Jingyang town and Changning town research. Shujiang Yan and his entourage arrived in Jingyang town Yonghe piglets breeding professional cooperatives, mountain village to resettle the project construction site, Jing Yang Zhen Si Gou Cun, LAN Chong Cun, Changning village, town of Yan village, GA Zhuang Cun rural research work, visit condolences to the village cadres, understand the town and village development ideas and this year the difficulties require local conditions, the development of agriculture and animal husbandry production, solve the rural people’s livelihood, increase the income of the farmers.

Yan Shujiang is very concerned about the harvest and agricultural production, rural industrial development and other relevant details about the situation. In the survey, Yan Shujiang for town and village cadres according to the actual situation of village, actively adjust planting structure, cultivate through the development of planting, forage planting, seedling, increase the income of agricultural production. County Party committee zhengyanshi and requirements of the agricultural sector to seriously study the development of animal husbandry, put forward the guiding opinions of the development of modern animal husbandry as soon as possible, to increase livestock farming cooperatives to support efforts to promote the farmers to increase the company’s breeding success model, actively carry out agricultural information and technical services, led farmers to get rich.

learned in Jing Yang Zhen Si Gou Cun migrant workers travel inconvenience, lack of funds and other problems of the development of production, transportation and other departments to ensure continuity requirements of bus line arrangement, coordination and financial institutions to solve women’s microfinance. In the mountain village Jingyang town poverty relocation project site, to understand the power supply difficulties, Yan Shujiang immediately arrange power supply and financial coordination to solve banqianhu power supply problems. Yan Shujiang stressed, should attach great importance to people’s livelihood, leading cadres to the grassroots, to the masses to understand the aspirations of the masses, solve their practical difficulties, to develop agricultural production, actively strive for the project, to find ways to increase farmers’ income. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of the party organizations at the grass-roots level, improve the mechanism of democratic deliberation and decision-making, and promote the development of rural economy and society with scientific and effective system. (Li Yushan)

investigation of Jingyang town Yonghe piglets breeding cooperatives

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