Charity charitable organizations up to 831

8 month 30 days, reporters from the provincial Civil Affairs Department to implement the "charity law" press briefing was informed that the "charity law" will be formally implemented in September 1st, September 5th, our province will usher in the first "China Charity Day", the whole province is closely around "with the theme of SG good, power get rid of poverty". Take various forms of serious study and implement the charity law publicity. At present, there are 3686 kinds of social organizations registered in our province, among them, the public welfare social organizations are the 831.

it is understood that there are still 700 thousand people living in poverty, I 300 thousand disabled, 690 thousand elderly people and some suffered temporary sudden difficulties of vulnerable groups, on the basis of government to guarantee the basic living, through philanthropy to mobilize social forces to actively participate in the gradual formation of helping the long-term mechanism of difficulties, especially in poverty alleviation and the completion of a comprehensive well-off process, play an important role in good charity work. I save various charitable organizations and institutions, in helping to play an important role in disaster relief and other difficulties and social donation activities, especially after the strong earthquake in Yushu, the domestic and foreign organizations and caring people had donated 9 billion 844 million yuan of funds to promote the earthquake relief and reconstruction work. As of the end of 2015, the province registered social organizations of all kinds are 3686, of which 831 commonweal organizations (including a qualified public offering fund 27), accounting for about 22.5% of the total number of social organizations, the province’s 8 prefectures have established a charitable organization, part of the county (city, district) set up a charity will, part of the township, street has also established a pilot "Charity Supermarket" and social donation stations (points), the initial formation of the charity organization network wide coverage, covering the charity, environmental protection, education, culture, science and technology and environmental protection, physical health and other fields, the initial formation of the "charity" development pattern. According to incomplete statistics, from 2011 to 2015, the province’s charitable organizations to raise funds and physical ability of about 100 million yuan a year, becoming the party committees and governments to protect and improve the livelihood of the people an important complement to poverty alleviation.


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